thomas jefferson's list of differences between the north and the south

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September 2, 2010
Notherners      Southerners
jealous of their own liberties, and just to those of otherszealous for their own liberties, but trampling on those of others
supersitious and hypocritical in their religionwithout attachment or pretensions to any religion but that of the heart

--via "One-Night Stands with American History", Shenkman + Reiger
If you can't make fun of yourself, then you are terrible at making fun of people.

Started riding my bike to Alewife. Besides saving a bit of time it's just fun and kinetic.
To quote a friend, "Another oil rig explosion in the Gulf? Yeesh."
Startlingly chatty Red Line conductor giving a play-by-play of the trains blocking our entry into Alewife...