facebooks plan to rule the world

September 22, 2010
--Wired's coverage of the upcoming Facebook movie mentions
And nobody in the movie brings up that insane-looking Facebook Illuminati symbol, which the flesh-and-blood Zuckerberg custom-stitched into the inside of his hoodie
I was more intrigued when I thought I had read it was stitched into the inside of the hood part... Anyway, here's the story behind it, askew-embedded-Star-of-David of all.

I think this is a little interesting but overplayed. (It makes me think about this squiggly line logo Nokia used as a placeholder when it first acquired Enpocket... I have thought on a hoodie, though not on the inside.)

"DADT blocked again. Because America is safer when our Soldiers are as closeted as our Senators."
"Autumn sun may come in smaller portions but it doesn't have any of the sticky aftertaste summer's does."
http://www.slate.com/id/2267899/ - love this Slate/NPR translation of Fed speak into plain English - great use of simple DHTML technology!