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September 25, 2010
--more from Myron Krueger. This stuff is commonplace now (funny how both PS3 and Xbox 360 have just recently introduced stuff that seems to have deep roots in this stuff) but when I realize he was doing some of this with hardware that's as old as I am, it's pretty humbling. (I wrote a bit more on him 4 years ago
"So the google search results page updates live now. Type 'awesomeee' and then watch it get progressively more retarded with each 'e' you add"
"Life is a re-gift"
"We don't have to go Trader Joes" "YES WE DO!" "Oh right you need your soda!" "YEAH YEAH!" "You have a problem..." "I know- outta soda!"
We felt a little bad about cutting in front of a dozen odd people by using the Chiopotle app to order salads on the drive there, but got over it.