the unphone?

September 27, 2010

--Judging by other ads out there I guess the pitch is supposed to be "Windows 7 Phones are faster to get to your information" (by putting more dynamic stuff on the front screen) but the lesson here seems to be "don't use your phone so damn much and miss out on life around you" which is an even better point. So A for execution, D- for getting the message across. - finding more voices saying tables aren't the enemy for web design. - when hardcore CSS folk point out why CSS layout needs tables.
It's CSS, not cascading LAYOUT sheets eh? Div and Table layout: easy in simple cases, but colspan's complexity scales better than float's. - man, 4 years ago, same issue. Is "3 column CSS layout" still tough? If so, yeesh.
I guess one anti-table idea is "wouldn't it be swell if all layout was externalized, hot-swappable?" Well, kinda- that can be hard to trace.