of the moments #2

My 24 Hour Comics Day project this year -- my attempts to come up with an actual story sort of fizzled, so I made this nostalgic and kind of self-indulgent work about moments and memory.... this is part 2 of 4.

jeff at an after-church get-together, chugging a 2-liter of soda, saying he just 'had to burp', and throwing up all over

my dad, stricken with spinal meningitis, his muscular control system shot, explaining how he just wanted to enact how a son asks for money, and the father takes it out of his wallet, and gives it to him

making dad fried bologna sandwiches in the mornings after he was debilitated, but then stopping, uncomfortable with it all

being teased by my boss mr.j about how i'd furtively slink off to eat my allotted daily candy bar during my pharmacy shift

mr.j convincing me he had a voice controlled radio by sneakily changing stations with the steering wheel control buttons

and mr.j giving his tie to a UPS store clerk who admired it, then grumbling to me on the drive back about how he had to do that

my dad fighting to regain coordination, shakily taking walks around the block

mall fieldtrips with pregnant teens from my the program my mom oversaw, looking a bit like i had my own harem

staying up all night for the first time with beau, playing 'ninja' on the atari 800xl, throwing a joystick at him in frustration

the first kiss - the atomic fireball passed from her mouth to mine

mike d.b. snapping a girls bra - admiring the chutzpah, if not the manners

the chunky black and smelling of machine oil stands in the high school bandroom

marching band, screaming myself hoarse leading boom chikka boom

not stopping to say good morning on what was my dad's last morning

the changing of the honor guard at my dad's salvation army funeral

the state trooper saluting my dad's funeral procession

on a band trip to mexico, one member miming milking a cow in order to request milk, and cornell then just saying "milk please"

music camp, standing on the dew covered field for flag raising, the smell of mess hall

getting pantsed at music camp

sneaking away with d at the end of camp, the grass, her breasts - a first for me... making up for enthusiasm what i lacked in skill.

later during a more traditional courtship of j, calling her up at her house to have her look at the moon with me

ellen showing us a raunchy passage from "tropic of cancer" in the bandroom, and mike and i teasing her with "squish squish" ever after

after a day or two of being sick from school, looking at my horrible acne in the bathroom mirror, and later realizing it was actually chicken pox

flirting with v on the bus to boston, lying on the bus floor and studying her face upsidedown

outside the gubitosi's with v, kissing and kissing and kissing

opening my eyes once then, and seeing her eyes weren't shut either

Somehow the way "Super Pac-Man" transcends the maze a bit with the title character bigger than the tunnels still blows my mind.

CSS-gurus; any explanation for why absolute positioning is in document coordinates UNLESS there's a position:relative'd wrapper?
http://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2010/10/hand-the-taxpayer-a-receipt/63909/ - a receipt for taxpayers...
I was a little surprised to find Tammy Faye died a while back. I thought her eye shadow granted her immortality.