the immortal haiku of laura silverman

November 28, 2010
I am so lonely
And have a lot of problems
Be my Valentine?
A message to snails
Evolution has failed you
Your shells are a joke
Asked the universe
To please stop sending me signs
Has not responded
A pack of Wet Ones
Inadequately sealed shut
Is pack of Dry Ones
He has those two eyes
So very much like I do
It's destiny-ish
One in five experts
Agrees that the other four
May well have a point
Wearing fur's okay
If the animal was killed
In, like, self-defense
When old people fall
It rips my heart to pieces
Yet still they do it
There once was a girl
And she lived in Nantucket
And that's all I know.
--"the immortal haiku of laura silverman" (sister of Sarah) from Tufts magazine. (Though it seems she's more "School of the Museum of Fine Arts" which is affiliated with Tufts.) Also she was the receptionist on "Dr. Katz" which ks kind of awesome.
Bleh, just watched Woody Allen's "Match Point". Rich people to be envious of, then repulsed by, all for an operatic theme of no justice and a visual metaphor.
But thanks to Amber's persistence in having us put up a ceiling mount for the projector, we got to watch the movie on a 114" diagonal screen.