our princess is in another babycastle

December 24, 2010

Frost covered ground in Arlington.

Lens flare! Amber points out that sans buildings this looks pretty darn rural.

The music and flailing lights preshow at Jordan's IMAX are getting old, but sometimes it can still be pretty.

A bushel of birds near Harvard Square.

First night of snow bike.

Since I was in NJ last night I went to see Babycastles Holiday Party: Julefrokost! on 42nd St.

On the way there I noticed I was looking up at the Times Square Soon-To-Be-Dropped Ball.

Loved the homebrew arcade machines there at Babycastles.

But honestly some of the appeal was just meeting the legendary Auntie Pixelante.

And of course her gal Daphny!

Babycastles had some interesting lectures that night. Afterwards: DJ rockin' out the gameboy

42nd St the other way.

NYC confused my GPS.

Finally back at the family homestead; Christmas loot a-waitin'

"You can stop running that response to Virginia's letter about Santa. She's probably dead by now."