the corporate runaways

This is my buddy Kay on his bike.

Kay and his gal Dachary are on a motorcycle trip. From Cambridge, MA to Tierra Del Fuego, the southernmost tip of South America.

It's pretty mindblowing. They're running a blog at (Kay quit his day job for this.) -- you can follow their progress on the map as well as reading their regular updates.

Man, the cajones this kind of trip takes is really something, and I salute them. Currently they're in Mexico. Already their trip has at times read like a checklist written by Murphy's Law but they are persevering and seeing some really amazing things.

I'd say check out the site, their flikr stream, track their map location, maybe make a lil' Paypal donation -- I did, I think Kay said it helped a bit when his glasses got destructed... - How Android vs iOS is Google vs Apple, with Google not always living up to Don't Be Evil. - tempted to make bike "snow chains" w/ cable ties... - what Shipwreck was to GI Joe, Riker (bearded) was to TNG. - @clientsfh Y'know, if Clients From Hell adds a comments feature there should be a "the client was kinda right" button