paradox now

January 14, 2011
In the future, time travel and simple "disguise devices" have both become commonplace and affordable to the middle class.

Resultantly, the past, OUR time, is full of slightly odd-looking people, stopping us in the street and telling us NOT to do things.

The laws and philosophy of time travel discouraged direct statements of instruction, so the odd-looking people talked around things.

It was never "Do not marry Sam," It was an oddly-familiar stranger cornering you in a room and angrily listing Sam's weak points.

The past (us) long ago figured out time travel was inevitable, solely due to the interferences of these well-meaning future-selves.

You couldn't eat lunch without three future-yous attempting oblique advice-drops, which you spurned out of spite, changing nothing.
I wish I had such coherent sci-fi stories in my dreams!

(She also draws the alt-history webcomic Templar, AZ)
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