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January 21, 2011

--I really liked Steve Jackson's "OGRE" boardgame back in the day, even if it seemed unbalanced -- at least the way my friends and I played. The game is about a GIANT automated tank rolling through more conventional forces to demolish their HQ... I think the non-OGRE side could shoot the treads off and win consistently.(via)
http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/2011/01/the_20_best_nic.php - 20 best mafia nicknames in the recent bust.
See? Life is FULL of meaning... but so is an eviction notice.
Stuart Hample, "Inside Woody Allen"

I've got to get a new broom.
As I sweep with this one, the straw drops out, and I have to sweep it up, and more straw drops out, and...
-on second thought maybe I'll keep it.
It's a perfect expression of the meaning of life.
Stuart Hample, "Inside Woody Allen"

I used to think humans were worms in a cosmic plan.
Then I remembered, that in the final analysis-
-the worms win.
Stuart Hample, "Inside Woody Allen"

http://is.gd/JWCtog - it's not about being right, just progressively less wrong. This is why science is better than fundamentalism.
Last night I led a discussion at my UU "Science and Spirituality" group on William Irvine's Stoicism Book "A Guide to the Good Life". One woman who had previously flustered me by asking "would you please finish a sentence?" (meaning she was having trouble following my rambling mode of talk, how I can tend to jam my parenthetical asides in too early and then wend my way back) said I was much improved that night; I admit her original comment kind of irked me, but I took it a bit to heart and tried to improve, but I was still surprised (as was she!) that there was a noticeable improvement, and it was lovely of her to mention the change.