pre u p c

January 23, 2011

--A still from last entry's IBM Centennial video -- these were some of the final candidates for the UPC. I'd love to know more about the physical characteristics of some of these like, especially the circular ones. Also the font on that one (probably meant to be characters that are machine readable, like with checks) is intriguing. I know the normal UPC code has some cool properties so it can be read either way.
The poet has really only two themes and they are Eros and Thanatos and if he lives long enough and thinks hard enough he becomes aware that they are interchangeable or that there is a beneficent tension between them.
Irving Layton

Inuktitut expression, meaning 'from now on, it is in the future.'

Watching Steelers whipping the Jets. It's only halftime but I'm building up a theory - any given Sunday can go your way if you have enough emotion and charge, but you're liable to get trounced the next week.