hail star lake camp, the music camp for me (and you and me and you and) razzle dazzle rah rah rah, osky wosky sis boom bah, sound a cheer for dear old s.l.c. (2 3 4) hail star lake camp, the place of a hARmOnY, for it's s t a r l a k e m u s i c it's the camp for me!

January 27, 2011
So, 1990 Star Lake Musicamp... this track made it on the "Highlights" tape. It's Anita Cocker Hunt doing some light hazing of that year's special guests Ron + Janette Smart, the old friendly hazing of "learn the pep song or we'll toss you in the lake..." (I kind of doubt they'd ever carry through with that, actually.)

11_star_lake_pep_song_full.mp3, ~4Mb

I'm on the track too (they call me by my middle name "Logan" because I went by that for a bit in middle school, and it stuck for years after in church) providing tuba beat box. What can I say, it was barely the 90s. (I remember being a little annoyed that the percussionists felt the need to help me out, but hey, all together now.)

Here's just the Pep song, which is the track I'll probably actually add to next season's playlist:

11_star_lake_pep_song_just.mp3, ~1Mb

The Pep Song was pretty fun, with the purposefully offkey "HARMONY", the big brass and syncopated clapping in the bridge section, and the jumping up on the chair for the second half (that's what's going on when everyone starts screaming a bit.)
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Random Plug: really digging our new Philips Sonicare toothbrushes. Breaking the 2 minute runtime into 4 parts makes brushing "long enough" easy. The way they kind of "sing" as they vibrate is odd at first but grows on you.