"proof is the bottom line for everyone"

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March 9, 2011
proof that an elephant and a flea have the same weight:

e = weight of elephant
f = weight of flea
d = difference between e and f
e = f + d
Then we multiply both sides by (e-f):
e (e - f) = (f + d) (e - f)
Combine the left, multiply the right:
ee - ef = ef - ff + de - df
Subtract de from both sides:
ee - ef - de = ef - ff - df
Factor out the e from the right and the f on the left:
e (e - f - d) = f (e - f - d)
And we can then cancel (e - f - d) from both sides:
e = f

The weight of an elephant equals the weight of a flea, QED!
An oldie but a goodie, I forget the book I first found that in...

Math is the gateway drug to success.

The immortal SpindleyQ said this link was probably right up my alley http://probablyinteractive.com/url-hunter -- he's right! Very similar to game buttons (though not restricted to one button) and the use of a+O=@ was clever!
Apple walk-in repair is generally amazing, but apparently they have some issues if they have to ship it out for a part -- I handed them my Macbook last Wednesday, and just today it got to the repair center, despite the "Estimated Turn-Around Time: 5-7 days". Mysteries hold up wrt "Depot" whatever the hell that is. Grrr.