kirkjerk is the new (rebecca) black


Can you smell what the Rock is cooking? [...] Was that you? [...] Well it certainly wasn't the Rock. [...] The Rock isn't cooking a fart casserole.
Doogie Horner, "Things to Say During Sex (Bad)"

I'm confused by Tablet haters who say they don't do anything a laptop doesn't -- I mean it's a giant touch screen! People besides me like to doodle, right? I think iPad should come with "Paint" app. (Then again, I use a stylus to doodle, and Jobs hates styluses.)
Okay, never mind: what's wrong with scientists is that you DO see wonder and beauty in everything. - best sims of LCD games ever. Wonder if the gameplay is recreated by hand or ripped? Such a great, constrained art form. - kirkjerk is the new (rebecca) black
I'm counting on all of you to make me famous. Or at least get more hits than , my one 58K hit vid.
Whoa, I'm user 600,702 out of 100,000,00 at linkedin. Reminds me of how I'm 134,664 at slashdot- coulda been 5 digits if I was aware.
Thanks to an old coworker, Eclipse's "Synchronize with Repository" will always be "Stink-ronize with Suppository" in my head.
Java Geek Rant: it's useful that eclipse "reuses" its search results editor window, but it needs to let go if the file is edited...