the planetary love of yee & lan

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yee & lan - story by kirk israel - art by marissa saradpon

A story I made up a long time ago... I thought I could add it as a "comic" feature here, and also give it nicer bit of UI to go through the pages...

Marissa created the art as a school project a number of years ago, mentioning it after the fact-- it being easier to get forgiveness than permission, but no forgiveness needed, I was really happy with her treatment of the work. (And unlike people who translated it into Chinese, she kept my name on it.)
They say there are no atheists in foxholes, and this is a good argument against atheism. I think it's a better argument against foxholes. - if you've ever wondered if the Supreme Court majority might be callous to the point of evil, here's your answer.
"Adjustment Bureau"- most brutally romantic film since "Eternal Sunshine", setting personal achievement vs. romantic fulfillment...