the pope and the b-boy


Years ago I posted a photo of the Pope and the Breakdancer, but now there's footage!

I'd like to see a CGI version of this where the pope gets up and gets his turn. Aw well, we live in hope.
I like tablesaw's observation that a videogame is art without audience, because the player is collaborator or performer, not observer. - whoa Bangai-O sequel... still sad I couldn't quite get into the DS version.
According to cemetary industry statistics, the average grave receives just TWO visits in its lifetime--TOTAL, by ANY friend of family member--after the initial flurry of visits that immediately follows the burial.
Jane McGonigal, "Reality is Broken".
Man, that's kind of sad -- I think Mexico with its Dia de los Muertos has the right idea...
"A house phone? A phone for the house? Who would want to talk to a house?"