eurotrip day 3

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May 17, 2011
Boingboing pointed out this awesome Princess Bride ambigram... I made a little tool to enjoy it more. It's such a clever bit of typography!

Photos of the Moment

Tickling a rhino outside the Orsay.

Love locks on the Pont des Arts.

Not sure which bridge near the Louvre this was but I liked the Space Invader...

At the Rodin garden... interestingly I caught a lot of detail by sticking my camera in the grieving guy's face than I could see in person.

WWI tank at Les Invalides

Watcher of Napolean's Tomb.

Finally at the end of the day, Amber and I retire to the awesome 7th floor patio for a snack, and to reflect (in a mirror in an apartment across the street)

"My wife suggested spicing up our sex life with role playing.Now a d20's wedged in my crack, the DM is staring at us & this isn't sexy at all"