eurotrip day 7

May 21, 2011

--They were saying this is one of germany's favorites...thought I'd post it since I should be there now!

Germany of the Moment
Yes, past, pre-publishing me, I am in Germany now! Today we went to Heidelberg.

The old ruined castle is just amazing. On the way in we wiki'd up the history, and what an influence the sense of ruin and fallen grandeur was for former generations.

Detail from a fountain in the upper courtyard.

I love how part of the castle behind the wall is there, and part not.

Far beneath the castle is the university town.

There was a protest rally in the middle of town by the church, but the protestors were outnumbered by the loaded-for-bear riot police around (including mounted officers and these motorbike guys) but all the cops were pretty relaxed and amused by the whole thing.

Volker and Caroline...

Finally, the river Necker.