final days of superheroescomic

July 1, 2011

Finally finished 30 Days of Super Heroes! It was great fun to have some thoughtful scenes to draw, and I learned much about blocking a scene, and then using oilskin-ish layers to put a final version over an even rougher sketch.

day 22 team schrödinger in coordinated uniforms

day 23 mind-controlled hungrier hippo having victoriously consumed rest of team

day 24 wind-x, alien bill, luggo, and hungrier hippo as ‘abbey road’

day 25 evil twins gullo, alien bob, hipster hippo

day 26 de-aged luggo, hungrier hippo, and alien bill

day 27 hungerier hippo, luggo, and alien bill surrounded by the one hundred jakes

day 28 battle royale wind-x, hungrier hippo, alien bill, luggo, and the red crumb vs

day 29 detail from the battle royale, the red crumb vs the dicemen

day 30 comic book cover jake 2 the origin! (shout out to young astronauts in love)

"Life is a 3-D movie without the glasses."
--Ronnie Shakes