about the late sixties

July 16, 2011
I wasn't concerned with geopolitical events, international affairs, cultural anomalies, or hygiene. I had set off to find myself, but most of the time I was so stoned I was lucky if I could find my shoes.

But I wasn't alone. I was part of an entire generation in search of meaning. It was a generation so starved for understanding we were able to read significance into Donovan lyrics. We didn't have a clue as to what was going on. In fact we greeted each other with the very question: "What's going on, man? What's happening?"

We didn't say, "Nice to see you," or "How have you been?" like people with a non-crumbling value system. We wanted to know what was happening.

"What's happening, bro?" But nobody knew. It was the question of the decade.

"What it is." That's the best answer you could get. What the hell kind of answer is that?
A. Whitney Brown, from "The Big Picture in Words, Explained"

[Reading Billboard] "'Delicious harmony. Made for you. Asian Salad @ McDondald's' Why does that sound vaguely racist to me?"
"It's just using an ethnic stereotype. It's not like they said "Asian Salad: Delicious, Good at Math."
Me and Amber diving near Fresh Pond

Fine that Netflix is raising prices, but not allowing "unlimited streaming" to combine with "limited DVDs" to be on one plan is bullshit.
http://blog.wordnik.com/attention-all-muggles-and-squibs - the words of harry potter