a day in the neighborhood

September 9, 2011

--Mr. Roger's lifetime achievement Emmy sppech. You might want to skip to 1:25 or so. Via kottke that has more info including a link to an Esquire article.
Man, Rodney's Bookstore at Central Square in Boston is a real gem; good cheap used books, nice supply of graphic novels upstairs...
Just cashed in my mason jar full of change. I took a survey, and everyone except myself badly underestimated how much it held-- I put it at $50, the total was $45.37, other guesses ranged from $13-$27. (If the jar had been full up, I would have been right on.) I think people are generally bad at volumetric -> linear conversions.
Awesome Atlantic Piece: What People Don't Get About My Job: From A(rmy Soldier) to Z(ookeeper)