here be dragons

September 21, 2011

--from Slate's "A History of Map Monsters"
If I time travelled and had a laser pointer, could I terrify/impress? Or would I just say "BEHOLD MY POWER! TO... distract small cats."
The nail that rises up gets the hammer. It also accurately indicates structural deficiencies.

My latest ice cream triumph: Margarita. Ice cream base plus lime juice, lime zest, tequila, triple sec, and a surprising amount of salt

Revenue sharing, arguably the most successful form of socialism in U.S. history. The reason the NFL is so dominant is because the NFL is basically Marxist.
Chuck Klosterman
I'm grateful he references Chuck Palahniuk in "Eating the Dinosaur" because now I realize they're not the same guy
Between #REM and #NewFacebook, make sure you hug the nearest white person you see. It's a tough day for them.