October 20, 2011
Recently at my job we changed workspaces. Our new space is these kind of odd angled semicubes (all triangles and hexagons) Here's mine!

One neat bit of furniture in the new space is this round table...

Except it's not just a table, it's has a pad of (also round) paper embedded into the top! I drew some Alien Bills....

It's been a LONG time since I'd drawn with pencils. I think when I was a kid I was traumatized in Sunday School when they gave us god-awful #3 pencils to try and write on glossy-ish sunday school activity book paper. But now I kind of dig it, especially if the pencil is nice and sharp. Ink fits my way of simplifying the world into simple shapes and sharp borders, but with pencil it seemed more natural to be a bit more loose.
In my dream, "Cornflower Blue" seemed like the ultimate band name, but "Testing Testing 123" came in a close second.
"But if you want forgiveness for being a computer, don't put rocks in the snowballs."
--David Sudnow, "Pilgrim in the Microworld"