more doodling

November 2, 2011
--Speaking of doodling Amber set me this link, referenced in an article Why I Take Sketch Breaks Instead of Internet Surfing.

I think it's a good idea, but it is possible to get too wrapped up in a doodle that you lose focus on the other stuff.
In the FWIW, videogames division, Zaxxon's Motherbase 2000 looks a lot worse than, you know, Zaxxon.
Trying Gmail's new look- looks like something I'd come up with, not nec. in a good way. Also, way too much padding if window is wide (>1024px)
Good Guy Lucifer, a little Sympathy for the Devil... (a riff on Good Guy Greg)
So is it wannabe designer blasphemy to thing that while choice of font matters, arial vs helvetica just doesn't?
Gmail redesign shows G. is in microsoft's "authentically digital" world. Apple's skeuomorphic overload might be Jobs' need for "more texture" - maybe I see where Apple is coming from-- Gmail is kinda cold. Those leathery textures might be humanish "hook".