viva la tuba!

November 16, 2011

I couldn't embed the main video in this LA Times piece Tubas Become Horns of Plenty but I found this on Youtube.

The intro says:
Fidel Bernabe, a talented trumpeter in Mexico, is among the brass band musicians who are part of Southern California's 'tuba revolution.' They're showing their chops on an instrument whose 'thunk thunk' attracts dance-minded partygoers.
When they said "thunk thunk" I was somehow hoping it was part of a more electronic music style... ah well.

(The dirty secret is, if you have the lungs for it, tuba parts are generally much easier than the other parts, so trumpeteers moving into the turf makes me jealous.)

All that said, I still don't like the sound of tubas outside of a certain New Orleans style... every once in a while I'm still tempted to look for a used one though.
"Deck the Halls" started out as a drinking song. You were supposed to do a shot every time you heard "La." We nearly all died.

Looking at a (lets say urban, light polluted) starry sky, is it mostly stars in our galaxy, or other galaxies we see? I always assumed the former but last night a friend said the latter.
Kind of asshole-ish how the Mem. Drive Shell station puts the expensive gas on the left so suckers are more likely to choose it by mistake...
New game in an unmoving car: watch Siri try to transcribe the guys on the radio..