November 27, 2011
So one suggestion if you have a typewriter, especially an attractive older one (IMO) is to just leave it out with a piece of paper in it and see what you or other folks tap out...

Kinda bummed about the lack of a closing ) in that, though.

I also wrote a holiday note to my high school English teacher (I thought it was a nice to split the difference between a word processed print out and forcing her to read my handwriting...)

Finally a typewriter is kind of nice to address an envelope with. I suppose some printers make that work as well, but I've never tried to figure it out.
When an author is writing a manuscript and the text refers to a specific page but the pagination isn't set- is there pseudo-markup for that?
So did China peacefullytransform from a bit of a cult of personality to a technocratic state? If that's about the size of it, kudos to them.
Mirroring trends in modern video games, Lego instruction booklets have gotten more explicit and hand-holdy.
The Lego booklets now tell you just what pieces will be used in this step, and start by suggesting/instructing one to sort by color first.
I guess a side benefit of the hand holding is it would make older/younger builder cooperation easier- here, sort these, or here, find these for the next step.
Having to any decorative decals yourself to the Lego bricks is kind of a drag, though.