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January 16, 2012

Last December Amber and I took a weekend mini-break to Western Mass, the centerpiece of which was a daytrip to MASS MoCA. This contemporary art museum is about as far west as you can be and still be in Mass.

One of the greatest attractions there is a building dedicated to Sol LeWitt's Wall Drawings. These certainly challenge many folk's idea of what art is: none of them are actually constructed by LeWitt's hands. Instead, each consists of a set of instructions, for example:

A team of drafters produced this result-- (all of his works are done by various teams of draftsmen (draftspeople?) and there's a subculture of folks who have worked on his pieces. Also, the works are "portable", in terms of one can be painted over and made again at the same place or elsewhere, and the new one is the official thing. (Only one official instance exists, but people can of course make their own unofficial duplicates.)

That one was one of our favorites. I liked how small discrepancies are magnified until a 3D-ish, amost topographical quality emerges. Detail:

Other Sol LeWitt pieces:

Some other images of us strolling around the place:

For more information you can check out this page about Sol Lewitt as well.
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