creepiest robobaby ever

Warning: Creepy!

From's 5 Creepy Ways They're Replacing Humans with Robots. Also good was their lead-off:
This is the Talking Robot Mouth, and it's intended as a robotic emulation of the mechanical process that humans use to produce speech. And yet it stills sounds like a wet Atari begging for death.
Crazy. How to Tell HTML from HTML5
But a world is not for you. A world needs a substance, an independence, a sense that it doesn't just disappear when you turn around (even if it kinda does) - I like the video game essays of this guy.
4 Years ago I started making playlists of new music I discovered that quarter. Reviewing old ones is oddly "I've known that for 4 years?"
Man, I forgot how many solid ports of great games were in the old GameCube Midway Arcade Treasures...