football cheers i have known

April 13, 2012
It's been a long time since I've been in a pep band but I learned many cheers. (Warning, lots of near-swears and a tad of implied obscenity follow.
Rick 'um Rack 'um Reek 'um Ruck 'um
Get that ball and really FIGHT!
That one might have come from Robin Williams, actually.

High school had some old standbys:
Strawberry Shortcake, Banana Split!
We think your team's full of
SHHHIFT to the left, Shift to the right!
Go Team Go! Fight Fight! Fight!
Cigarette Ashes, Cigarette Butts--
We got your team by the nuts!
and that doesn't even try to be coy,
Ur-ine Ur-ine Yer-in-trouble!
In college we learned the blame game:
and the semi-onscene:
Get off your knees, ref,
you're blowing the game!
The following came from my University days, and they are pretty rich coming from a school so firmly on the second rung as Tufts...
That's all right, that's ok,
You'll all work for us someday!
Wine cooler, wine cooler,
Beer beer beer
You only go to _____
'Cause you couldn't get in here!
(where ___ is the name of the competing school.)

Finally one that will never set a crowd on fire but is kind of fun:
Rip off his arm and beat him over the head with the bloody stump!

Whenever I start reading Yelp reviews, I always regret it, generally immediately.
Suddenly Boston's all like BAM! TOURISTS!