the motion of the ocean

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April 24, 2012
At a recent UU thing, someone mentioned this story that I didn't recall reading in Tuesday's with Morrie
"I heard a nice little story the other day," Morrie says. He closes his eyes for a moment and I wait.

"Okay. The story is about a little wave, bobbing along in the ocean, having a grand old time. He's enjoying the wind and the fresh air--until he notices the other waves in front of him, crashing against the shore.

"My God, this is terrible," the wave says. 'Look what's going to happen to me!'

"Then along comes another wave. It sees the first wave, looking grim, and it says to him, 'Why do you look so sad?'

"The first wave says, 'You don't understand! We're all going to crash! All of us waves are going to be nothing! Isn't it terrible?'

"The second wave says, 'No, you don't understand. You're not a wave, you're part of the ocean.'"
It's really difficult to put aside our own egos enough to embrace our part-of-ocean-ness!

And I would say that's also part of my problem with Abrahamic religion as it's usually played in the West. With Original Sin thinking humanity is depraved and apart from God. We're all our own little puddle apart from The Ocean, with the promise that if we're good we'll get to all hang out forever 'cause God will stop evaporation.
The wind that pushes against you is the thing that lifts you up! That's science!
Red Cross Street Walker on a windy day at Copley Square

That's the weirdest proclivity that you have. That I know about.