east vs west

July 3, 2012
Today I heard of two interesting East/West cultural differences;

1. Asked an open ended question about journaling and photo-albums, many of the European say they'd journal to remember happy times but the central theme from the Asian students was avoiding repeating mistakes.

2. In visual identification test, there seems to be a cultural difference with the American subjects picking out the most central foreground object (and able to recognize it more quickly in different contexts) and Japanese subjects absorbing scenes more holistically, and having an easier time with questions about the aggregate whole. (And 9 months of living in the other country seemed to reverse the difference, which says really interesting things about neuroplasticity.)

You don't want to take too much out of such uncited tidbits, but still.
Man, I forgot about Vigilante 8. That was a fun series... on N64, got into that instead of Twisted Metal.