From a Daily Mail piece on how Dinos "did it"... on twitter, ExciteMike said it best:
I want to hi-five the artist responsible for these T. Rex grins:

Often when monologuing, like outlining what my team did for scrum, I find it helpful to shut my eyes to compose the sentence.

Is it just me?

After reading a book on Neuroplasticity, and how different parts of the brain overlap in function (and how one part can take over different functions in cases of brain damage) it makes me wonder about if visual and verbal parts of my brain are weirdly sharing circuits.
Jeezie petes, when Amazon gets "kozmo.com" like same-day service it's gonna eat the damn world.
On The Fat Boys. They kinda were a novelty act, but their human beatbox was the template for thousands of amateur fans
Before disillusionment comes illusionment.

Unit Tests are the hope that the reductionist art of making code can be repeated in seeing code run, which is a more holistic thing.