gummiver's travels - a midsummer day's prank

July 30, 2012
The desk of a coworker... during his week's vacation, a legion of gummy bears took over!

Gummies marking their territory.

The smaller gummies subdued the giant gummy bear that has been in a box near the coworker's desk since time immemorial (that he long ago declined to devour, even after we offered to pay him.)

Gummy swat teams practicing their repelling...

close up of Gummiver...
"Boobs aren't fat! They're filled with mens hopes and dreams!!"
Finally getting to playing "Just Cause 2" on Xbox 360. It has fewer vehicles than Mercenaries (despite the fun Bionic Commando Arm /'Chute combo) but still is fun, and so beautiful in parts, pretty sunsets and the moon reflected on water. Enjoying it even more after I realized the main character sounds just like Triump the Insult Comic Dog.