you spin me right round baby, well sort of

August 6, 2012
As @Todd_Roy put it put it,
"Oh this? Its nothing, just a picture of 2 perfectly round concentric circles that ur brain will refuse to see."

Crazy. Sometimes I think the state of the art in optical illusions has really advanced over the last decade or so. I think computers (and to a lesser extent the internet) are to blame, or thank, in part.
"[apple crunch]"
"Isn't it hard to eat lying down?"
"Nah Romans did it."
"That's not a good reason. And why did you have that answer ready so quickly?"
Me and Amber - my notes from the trenches on porting from Java-based Processing classic to processing.js
Gold medal for NASA in the 563 billion meters

First world humans are basically well fed apes sleeping under a shady tree. In order to get us to take anything seriously you need to beat us with a proverbial stick...
Sayf Sharif

Not only are tuba players known for having the biggest horns, tuba playing is all about use of the mouth and fingers.

You can safely assume you've created God in your own image when it turns out God hates all the same people you do.