books free to a good home

So, a few weeks ago I did a book purge. Amber helped me scan all the ones I'm getting rid of, which was an important part of the letting go process for me, so that the titles can be gone but not (electronically) forgotten.

Anyway, the books you see at this link:
Are free to a good home. Limited time offer. Limit 8 or so to a customer. Preference given to people we don't have to package up and mail things too...
I don't like that "Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan" is an anagram of "My ultimate Ayn Rand porn." I love it.

Rom says unemp shld be 4%. I was Sec of Lab last time it was 4%. We got there by raising taxes on rich and investing in ed and infrstructre. -- I have on my bizness socks, that's how you know, aw yeah, it's bizness time!
The shocking truth is that we're only as free as our genes are pliable in the slosh of our developmental millieus.