obama reads "dreams from my father"

October 10, 2012
Regretsy posted some clips of Obama reading his own book, and taking the voices of various characters from his life... cussing hilarity ensues.
"Way too complicated."
"Buy your own damn fries."
"There are white folks..."
"Sure you can have my number baby!"
"Got nothing on me..."

In posting these clips, I also made up the alienbill soundboard with these clips and a bunch of other .wavs I grabbed in the mid-90s. Some of the Simpsons ones are pretty funny, and a lot are at least "potentially useful" in office situations, if you're in that kind of office.
RUIN every Knock Knock joke by saying 'It's open!'

found online

http://www.cartoonstudies.org/index.php/lifeinhell/ - Matt Groenig "Life in Hell" tribute, worth downloading PDF, in a hurry go to Slate for a sampling

buscemi eyes at work