some january photos

January 12, 2013

branch with a bit of dew

jan 12 evening , the fog over spy pond was lovely.

...and there were ducks walking on water.

that is a very orange bike

selfie: the new stylin' thrift shop shirt, the old baggy jean

fringe benefit of having a housemate who is a graphic designer: arrows with dropshadows.

The bull is the eternal principle of life, truth in action.
Kakuan (via "Zen Flesh, Zen Bones")

It is not the same to talk of bulls as to be in the bullring.
Spanish Proverb. (Both of these are from Phil Jackson's "Sacred Hoops")

eating is so badass i mean you put something in a cavity where you smash and destroy it with 32 protruding bones and then a meat tentacle pushes it into a pool of acid and after a few hours later you absorb its essence and transform it in energy just wow.

Honk if on windows you make a new .html file by making a New|Text Document in the folder and then you "sure you want to change it"