anybody out there?

January 16, 2013

Does anyone in the world use my RSS feed?

I should either ditch it or upgrade it so it has my "of the moment" stuff too.
Went out into the Wintry Mix for a new Couch to 5K Day 1, this time with Galloway's "Easy 5K" app that tweaks the tempo on my own music to give me a good target pace.
"Live and learn, die and forget it all."
--Anon (via Lila Albin)
"Enter a small room. Doors close. When doors open, you're in a different place. Elevators are the next best thing to wormholes"
"'I check my Privilege.' 'Roll high!' 'Ew...1.' 'You start arguing that being punk rock in school was like being a minority.' #TwitterDnD"