March 10, 2013

Love me some DST. (Though I almost didn't realize it was going to happen, this morning would have been very confusing.)

On an unrelated note... I had a weird dream the other night, where my romantic interest (I'm not sure who it was in the dream) convinced me to plan to commit suicide. (!) After the dream I woke up just enough to write down what I could remember of my suicide note:
i was here and soon i won't be

i wish i had loved better and more loudly in every sense of the word

i wish i had written more and better game games and toys. i wish love blender and kisrael had been more successful.

no matter. i was here and life was cool to see and now it's ending

i love you
I'm a little perturbed I didn't mention , because of all the things I do I hope can live on after me, that's it...