May 16, 2013

Used the RunKeeper app for the first time, alongside C25K. Admit I'm a little bummed by my 14-minute-or-so miles (not even counting the warmup cooldown time). As a chubby high schooler I remember being relieved by cracking the 10 minute mark, though that was just for one mile, but I had a fantasy I was back to that kind of performance, despite being the slowest jogger on the path.

All well, lik Matthew says, no such thing as "jogging too slowly", right? (I'm glad the saying isn't "you can't jog too slow", because then that's not clear if it's a demand or a definition.)
As lazy as you are, I guarantee you will not be doing nothing over the next 30 seconds...

In my off time I've been working up this year's Advent calendar (see for last year's). Last year only had one original piece, the rest of my effort was spent converting from Processing to Processing.js, doubling the size, and making things iPad friendly.

So I'm been trying to brainstorm Christmas/Winter/Holiday/Maybe Just Toys/Childhood in general themes. Looking over what I've done so far, including 5 ones this year:
Santa (3), Gifts (5), Christmas Tree (6), Reindeer (3), Candy Cane (3), Snowman (4), Wreath (3), Fairies (2), Snow flakes (2), Snow Activities (4: -blowing, -sledding, -angels, -forts) Wordart (2), Religious/Other Holiday (menorah, dreidel, kwanzaa, festivus poll, wisemen scene, new year's ball drop), Videogame parodies (Centipede w/ Snowman, Adventure w/ Tree, Asteroids w/ Tree) and then 11 more random things (English Christmas Cracker, Gingerbread, Stocking, Rocking horse, TV w/ Broadcast Fireplace, Penguin, Holiday Lights, Snow globe, Snow scene, Icycles and Iceberg.)

Other ideas I've not yet made include a nutcracker and maybe a toy train.

Any thoughts, suggestions, requests?