June 3, 2013

http://www.boston.com/yourtown/specials/starbucks_vs_dunkin_donuts/ Starbucks v. Dunkies; I'm always interested in the cultural implications of the divide, when both are available.
Techies, anyone know a great html5-ish library for displaying graphs written in DOT, GML, TGF, etc? Mostly straight forward node/edge stuff.
This is why I like AAA titles: insane and over-the-top vehicle, weapon, and super-human empowerment fantasies in an environment that feels real-ish.

(2019 update not sure what the original video actually was but that might be close)
Just startled at how good Windows 8 isn't... opening a PDF in a desktop mode browser fires up a Metro app "Reader" with no visible way to exit-- 1990 era alt-f4 or 2012 era move mouse to upper left hand corner are the secret magic cookie to know. (esc key doesn't work either) Oh and ctrl-P to print, that's more arcane knowledge. Stuff I know well but it's annoying my Aunt has so much to track.... and I don't know why the HP printer scan button churns, then decides USB isn't connected (it is) so Windows Fax and Scan is a functional if mid-90s looking trip to "what's a PDF I just know graphic files" land.

Gah. I kind of want to like Windows, have it as a reasonable consumer-friendly bastion against OSX monoculture, but no. It is a flat colored pile of failure.