June 23, 2013

June 23, 2013
Spent a nice Saturday afternoon and evening with EB and his family. We went to the beach in Rockport...

I was watching EBB2 who, being the younger, probably has fewer photos of her overall, and the light was great (it being darn near the longest day of the year) so I took photos of her:

Also before that there were some young ducks walking around the walks where all the people were clambering. (We didn't pursue them too vigorously. I admired how rock-colored they were.)

Finally, the tide previously had been really low thanks to that "super moon" effect (not that it's that big of a deal)... still it looked pretty over the waters.

"Shout out to my peeps who occasionally choke on their own secretions like they've never inhabited a human body before"
Just watched Scarface for the first time. Keep thinking if only I had darker, richer eyebrows, I have the scar to totally rock that look.