June 26, 2013

Long-ish, thoughtful piece on The Obesity Era; the fact that it's increasing even in animals fed lab diets is greatly disturbing to me.

It's temping, then, to think every attempt at weight management is hopeless. Which is a little true, but not 100% true, and I think I'm able to have some success in the fight. Still it's humbling to know that simple "a calorie is a calorie is a calorie" thinking is dead wrong.
alewife bike cage under watchful eye of cardboard cop, new to the squad

DOMA gets the smack down!
Remember folks, you saw it here (In OUR DAMN GREAT COMMONWEALTH) first...
We sent DOMA and Prop 8 off to a farm where they can play with other outdated, fear-driven legislation. It is the worst farm.

Whoa, back on the obesity thing: Holy crap, what if it's the CO2 counts?
Wow. Texas Legislature CHANGES TIMESTAMPS and tries to rewrite the history of the Wendy's heroic filibuster...