August 31, 2013


Now, two weeks after my friends helped move all my small stuff (allowing me to move in) and a week after the movers wrangled "the big stuff" into my apartment, I feel like my desire to live in a stable environment is trumping my moral compunction that "nothing gets put away unless I know I really want it in my life".
[On FB Elio suggests Craigslist Free stuff] Yeah, I put 2 media stands and a recumbent exercise bike on it... in theory I might have been leaving money on the table with some of that, but probably not as much as I think, and the combination of karma and convenience makes up for it. The problem is more these little, fiddling things; books or small gadgets or just misc supplies that aren't likely to be worth anyone's time to come get, are iffy for being in a good will bundle, I have liberal guilt about putting in a landfill, aren't necessarily recyclable, etc. Sometimes too there's an element of "I want to get to that", like old video tapes (video yearbooks etc) I's like to transfer and not just chuck.

Also so much is literally unreplaceable -- which isn't the same as I need it or want it, but if I got rid of it and changed my mind I'd be hard pressed to get it back (though sometimes that's tempered by foreknowledge of "out of sight, out of mind": there' sa good chance I'll just forget about it. Which is sad for me in its own way, too.