September 27, 2013

Back to drawing class, with my original instructor who was focused on simple shapes and feeling. Then he had us put down our two favorite images on the floor (and teased us about our paper tearing off skills.) Can't tell if I'm getting better; felt a bit rusty. Also I'm feeling more ok about sometimes letting my own (cartoony?) style leak through. I noticed both my works and the one the instructor did in front of me tended to make her torso less long than it was in real life.

Yesterday I brought in my iPhone that was developing a wonky power button... only one side of it was registering presses. Its been less than a year so the guy at the Apple store gave me a new phone.

1. It's kind of remarkable that 15-20 minutes of synching and I have a device on my person functionally indistinguishable from what I've had on my person before the swap, except that I have to re-enter service passwords and I lost my gelaskin art on the back.

2. This kind of service, and the Genius Bar in general, helps keep me with Apple. Though I'm not sure, would Verizon or AT+T or whoever do the same few-questions-asked swaps? Do the Samsung phones have year long warranties? (The same thing goes for laptops, maybe even more so. I think the Genius Bar ranks more highly than the Geek Squad...)

" If you wanna meet a nice young lady, then you try to smell your best. A girl donít like nobody walking up in her face smelling like a goat. Then, you donít say crap like ďHey, donít I know you?Ē The first thing you ask her is: ďAre you alone?Ē If she tells you that sheís with her boyfriend, then you see if the catís as big as you. If you donít have no money, just smell right. And for Godís sake donít be pulling on her and slapping on her. You donít hit the girls! If you do this, you canít miss."
--Bo Diddley on Women,