November 23, 2013

I'm worried how much this memory foam mattress already knows.

The more intelligent, the more faithful men tend to be.

Terrifying cellphone video from inside a home being demolished by a tornado. This video is TREMENDOUSLY scary but worthwhile, but hopefully in terms of finding empathy, and not just a "disaster porn" kind of way. Surviving is one thing; coping with your home absolutely gutted by a force of nature and a sudden realization that life in the short- to medium- term at least will be much, much harder is another.

I can recognize some of the feeling her through dreams I'll get on rare (or at least, rare that I remember) occasions, the ones where my dreamself looks out the window and sees the mushroom cloud in the distance, or block after city block being consumed by some great elemental force. I guess that kind of thing is not uncommon, but I hope it doesn't end up being rehearsal for responding to some future event!
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