December 4, 2013

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advent day 4

Thinking about the power of mindfulness. It seems greatly empowering to be gatekeeper of one's mind, letting good thoughts hang around and linger and dismissing the distractions and negative ideas. Trying to think of why it scares me a little though, and I realize it's because of past frustrations with people who are very contentedly ensconced in a particularly arbitrary mindset or faith or belief system, and utterly unassailable to logical debate of what they're believing. I... don't want to me one of "them".
Don't Start a Company, Kid - interesting counterpoint to the usual ra-ra-entrepreneurship thinking.
The dramatic oversimplification of one of the longest studies ever: "Happiness = Love. Full stop."
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Taking over some Java Swing UI code... compared to HTML5/js, it feels SO WEIRD to try and build your nouns via a series of verbs...