February 9, 2014

Boston Eastern Savings Bank has an ad that has what I thought was a chaingang song in the background, something like "Work, work". Turns out it's a US Army running cadence "Hard Work". I kinda dig it.

The true spirit of the Olympics, watching and judging physically glorious men and women, whilst covered in crisps on the sofa.

Weeding out some old laptops. I think the one Windows machine I might keep around is this kind of awesome Thinkpad X41, a decent size screen with a builtin Wacom tablet. (I say decent size to differentiate it from my dinky and ancient netbook-ish tablet, the Fujitsu Lifebook P1510D)

One problem is at the moment I can't get it on the Apple Airport wifi. The equally old laptops have no problem; I think the problem might be the "ThinkVantage" crapware that tries to "help" "manage connection profiles". Man, that was such a stupid era of OEM Windows builds... Windows XP was pretty decent at making wifi connections on its own.

Sigh. This circa-2005 windows sysadmin hat barely fits.

Interesting to notice that this is the first time in my life I've fully switched to Mac. Probably a little overdue!
Cleaning out old Windows. laptops. Lordy, forgot how dumb XP was w/ USB drives; let me scan whole thing to "Autoplay" that for you... and to safely stop the drive, I'll put this tiny icon on the task bar to let you "Safely Remove Hardware" after navigating 2 or 3 levels of menus, there.
Frankly I feel all of Shia LaBeouf's antics are just a long game ruse to distract us from his hilarious name. #neverforget