February 11, 2014

Anyone know of a soft acoustic cover of "I Think We're Alone Now"? I would think it would be a natural way to take it, but everyone from Tiffany to The Killers makes it harsher and uptempo.
Two random news thoughts:
1. Hooray for Michael Sam. Being out in a professional sports league takes guts.
2. Aw, Shirley Temple. What an achiever. Movies, Diplomacy, and a famous drink named after her!
Just enough blacks to show that we care.
Nixon on the goals for the Oval Office calendar

http://www.blastr.com/2014-2-8/happy-birthday-jules-verne-10-verne-creations-inspired-modern-tech Jules Verne was amazing. Hell, he practically invented science fiction [citation needed]
http://www.dorkly.com/article/59234/an-open-letter-from-a-death-star-architect So good.
I just enhanced http://kirk.is/sidebar/ with a new 2D UI (instead of the old single column) and an author filter.

It's funny how twitter and FB stepped up and kind of replaced that kind of thing -- a lot more democratic than the blog/sidebar model, but it had it's charm.

Not sure if Dylan ever quite forgave me for opening it up rather than making it the Just Dylan show...