March 5, 2014 Wow - popcorn gets liquified before it pops... so a fluffy kernel is (more less) like a snapshot of a tiny starchy tsunami...
The only trouble is ... with each step south it grows harder to ignore the fact that the scriptures - let alone Catholic dogma - are full of the mot grotesque errors of fact and logic. Why should a revelation from a perfect, loving God be such a dog's breakfast of threats and contradictions? Why should it offer such a flawed and confused view of humanity's place in the universe?

Errors of fact? The metaphors had to chosen to suit the world view of the day; should God have mystified the author of Genesis with details of the Big Bang, and primordial nucleosynthesis? Contradictions? Tests of faith - and humility. How can I be so arrogant as to set my wretched powers of reasoning against the Word of the Almighty? God transcends everything, logic included.

Logic especially.
Greg Egan, "Space of Lies", positing a reality where suddenly religious belief is strongly geographically influenced.

Greg Egan also made me realize it's not just that lotteries and gambling is a "Tax on Stupidity" -- even if you get lucky, congrats, now you're the Taxman, collecting your proceeds from the unlucky masses. But the house always wins."
I have to admit, the other day I saw this GIF and was tempted to get a second tattoo... all the letters in one pleasing, art-deco-ish font monogram.

I've had second thoughts. I can't find enough about its origin, and "Gee I Like Words" doesn't seem like a very personal message to wear permanently.